Brain Products Conferences and Events – April to July 2016

by Liam Scannell
Event Manager (Brain Products)

Brain Products and our dealers will be at the following events from April to July 2016, please stop by and say hello. You can take the opportunity to see, amongst others, our new mobile soltion, the LiveAmp and the new version of our actiCAP Xpress dry electrodes. We would be happy to meet and talk to you if you are at CNS, the Neuromarketing World Forum, ISMRM, or indeed any of the below events!

APRIL 2016

> CNS: Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Neuroscience Society 2016
in New York, USA (April 2 – 5)
CNS Logo
Just as in the past this upcoming 23rd edition of the CNS annual meeting will bring together researchers from around the world to share the latest studies in cognitive neuroscience. Of course we at Brain Products as well as our USA dealer, Brain Vision LLC, will take the opportunity to get in touch with you personally. We look forward to seeing you at CNS 2016 (booth #5), in the “Big Apple”.

  • Official Conference Website:
  • Attending: Alexander Svojanovsky (Brain Products’ General Manager) and Patrick Britz (Marketing)

> NMF: Neuromarketing World Forum 2016
in Dubai, UAE (April 4 – 6)
We will finally make our first appearance at the 5th edition of the Neuromarketing World Forum. This conference is one of the industry-leading events where marketers and researchers can collaborate to grow a relatively new field.

> Meeting of the Society for the Neurocontrol of Movement
in Montego Bay, JAM (April 24 – 29)
Our distributor for North America, Brain Vision LLC will represent Brain Products at the 26th annual meeting of the Society for the NeuralControl of Movement. This meeting usually attracts hundreds of scientists, clinician-investigators and students all engaged in research whose common goal is to understand how the brain controls movement We hope to see you there, too!

  • Official Conference Website:
  • Attending: Brain Vision LLC representing Brain Products

MAY 2016

> ISMRM: Annual Meeting of the Int. Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine
in Singapore, SIN (May 7 – 13)
Brain Products will be exhibiting at ISMRM for the 10th time. Held in Singapore we will be joined by our local distributor, Aerobe Pte Ltd. As market leaders in the field of EEG/fMRI, our experienced Brain Products representatives will be on hand to answer your questions and demonstrate our solutions. Come and visit us at booth number 100!

  • Official Conference Website:
  • Attending:
    • Brain Products: Pierluigi Castellone & Nicola Soldati (Sales), Robert Störmer & Tracy Warbrick (Technical Support)
    • Aerobe: Anirudh Singhal, Rohit Tyagi & Edith Aligita Budipratiwi

> DGPA: Annual Meeting of the “Deutschen Gesellschaft für Psychophysiologie und ihre Anwendung”
in Berlin, GER (May 26 – 28)
Once again MES Forschungsysteme and EASYCAP will be exhibiting at the DGPA. As in previous years, Brain Products are proud to be sponsors of the event in general as well as of a Young Scientist Award.

  • Official Conference Website:
  • Attending: Besides the staff of MES, Alexander Svojanovsky (General Manager of Brain Products and MES) will also be in attendance.

> National Neuroscience Congress
in Ankara, TUR (May 26 – 29)
Our Turkish distributor, Inter Ltd. will be representing Brain Products at this very important and popular conference in Turkey.

  • Attending: Inter Ltd.

> BCI 2016: Sixth International Brain Computer Interface Meeting
in Asilomar, USA (May 30 – June 6)
International BCI Meeting 2016
Brain Products are very excited to be Platinum sponsors for this year’s BCI Meeting. As well as live demonstrations of the newest technology for Mobile Body Brain Imaging (MoBI) and Passive BCI we are also proud to be supporting Thorsten Zanders workshop on Passive BCI and Neuroadaptive Technologies

  • Official Conference Website:
  • Attending: Patrick Britz (Marketing)

JUNE 2016

JULY 2016